The Luxury Yachting Industry

Create Your Ideal Crew

Yacht Owners

Yacht Ownership Isn't Simple

Buying, Owning & Operating Yachts all come with its list of pain points.

Inside knowledge is worth its weight in gold!  Let me act as your sounding board to this very niche and amazing industry.

Yacht Captains

It's Ok To Ask!

Taking on the Captains role is huge!  You are now liable for everyone onboard, as well the safe operation of the Yacht.  One day cleaning teak, next day you are HR.  You can't know it all, nor should you, but where do you go for your advice?

Yacht Crew

Are You Looking For Work?
I get asked all the time if I know of anyone looking for work?

So I've created a check in system.  When you check back every 24-48hrs you stay at the top of the list. Which in turn keeps you at the top and helps me refer you!

Image by Anastasia Taioglou


My Yachting Journey Started back in 1997 with a newspaper article. What spritely 21 year old with big dreams wouldn't get excited about exploring the world on a Yacht.

Fast forward to today, my time in the industry has indeed taken me all over the world, but it has also shown me what our industry is all about. Yachting is 100% hospitality!

Anyone can build a boat or a yacht, but it takes a dedicated team to maintain and share  the true yachting experience.

It's hard not to get wrapped up and give 100% to the experience, but this is not always the case, and that is where I excel.  I help people from every facet find solutions to their Yachting problems so they too can be masters of their craft.