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Yachting Questions Answered

  • Why Should I Charter a Yacht?
    Having done this for nearly 20 years you can see why so many people always come back to the sea. Where a yacht charter differs from your normal vacation, is all in the details. Your vacation moves where you choose. Feel like waking up in Monaco tomorrow for breakfast.... DONE. You choose the schedule, the speed and the destinations. Ultimate Relaxation never really hits home till you have experienced it for the first time. Your yacht crew's main motive is to cater to every whim you may have. Think back to your younger days, your mother would do everything for you, spoiling you and making you feel at home. Today's yacht crews do just that, we aim to exceed all expectations. Create and experience once in a life time memories, as you cruise to amazing destinations. Share amazing moments with friends and family as you explore parts of the world less traveled. My favourite quote to date was from a couple whilst we sat on anchor in green bay Antigua. "Luke I'm in my early 60's and I never even knew this was an option! Why is it I haven't chartered a yacht before, because this is amazing?".
  • How many people can I bring on a Yacht?
    The obvious answer depends on the number of cabins onboard. However most yachts will only allow you to bring 12 guests total. The exception to the rule is passenger yachts that will sleep up to 36 guests.
  • What is the best length of time for a Charter?
    Whilst 7 days is the average, I find that between 5-8 days is optimal. With 10 days being a limit for most people as people tend to get a little agitated with not living in their own space. There is no restriction on length of a charter.
  • Where can we sail on a Charter Yacht?
    This is really open to your imagination. Typical seasons are: Summer: Mediterranean, Adriatic & Ionian Seas Winter: Bahamas / Caribbean Outside of this, Alaska, Antarctic, Costa Rica and a few other locations have started to become more popular.
  • What certification do I need to work on a Yacht?
    Here are a few things you need: · Passport · STCW · ENG1 · Food Handling Cert – Interior Crew . Power Boat Level 2 - Deck Crew Certificates that are great but not a requirement o AEC – If you are looking at getting into Engineering o Seamans Discharge Book – This you will need to get after joining a vessel. You might be able to get one prior though. o Yacht Rating Certificate – Deck Crew / Interior Crew VISA’s · USA – B1/B2 · Sint Maarten – Schengen ( Philipino & South Africans ) · EU – Schengen ( Philipino & South Africans ) · UK – UK travel visa ( Philipino & South Africans )
  • What are the Best Times To Look for Work?
    The best times are going to be a couple of months before the start of either the Summer or Winter Seasons. As always, just after the Film Festival & Grand Prix in Summer, or NYE in the Bahamas/ Caribbean, alot of people get fired, so there will be a crew change there too!
  • Can I Help You Get Into Yachting?
    Yes. Whilst most people have a good idea of what to do, there is so much information we go into overload. Sometimes I can help with a simple answer, othertimes it pays to get on a call. I do suggest exhausting all free resources first, but am always happy to help steer you in the right direction. A great place to start is also which will be launching soon, (crew jobs).
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