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I feel deeply grateful and privileged for all the rich experiences and people I´ve had the fortune to work with in the Hospitality Industry and made me eager to expand my skills and values, such as a positive attitude. I like to be carried away by my enthusiasm, I always put my best energy into what I do and a big smile even over long periods of hard work. Ambitious and work persistently to achieve my goals. Strong work ethic and honesty to comply with my obligations accurately. Being opened, listen and learn from every single person, no matter the position, nationality or background. Being professional, respectful, flexible, fun and friendly and be able to work effectively across cultures. Im reliable and if someone needs help, I am there in full force doing my best. Leading by example and being happy to share knowledge, cooperation and teamwork. Attention to detail, discipline and commitment to excellence to keep the highest standards of quality in service. Promote a drama free, respectful and joyful work atmosphere to wake up every morning willing and being happy to go to work, full of energy, genuinely offer the best that I have to give and be of the guests service for them to have a pleasant and memorable journey.

Now I´m willing to find a team where I feel proud to belong to and commit to building a long term, strong work relationship. As well as challenging opportunities to keep growing professionally.

Diana Parra

Diana Parra

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