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I am a career oriented professional captain with 30 years experience seeking a permanent position. After a sabbatical for the past few years traveling, adjusting to Pandemic, and coping with family matters, I am re-entering the Maritime industry for the remainder of my career. I just finished all my certification renewals and upgrades including a US 1600 GRT Oceans Master (with Marshall/Cayman equivalents) valid till 2027 and US Passport valid till 2031. Also, I have just updated my CV to reflect my time away from yachting and updated entries. My plan now is to find a position on a traveling 40M+ yacht for long term employment and entirely move away from freelance. I prefer a fully crewed yacht, private/charter/both, with professional goal oriented crew members. My overall main goal is to facilitate the absolute safety of the yacht, owner, guests and crew. I feel I have accumulated years of valuable experience on the many different types and sizes of vessels and possess practical worldwide cruising knowledge. I am a positive, down to earth and reliable captain that is very detail oriented for the job at hand. I would like the opportunity to join a dedicated yacht and build a solid, forward looking program with an owner or company.

Currently I am located in South Florida. I am prepared to begin a new position almost immediately and am available for meetings or interviews either on video or in person (preferred). If need be I can travel on a moments notice to meet with prospective owners or yacht management. Please feel free to contact me via email or phone if there are any questions.


Russ White

Russ White

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