Would Life Be Better If .... ?

Humans are very sensory creatures. We love, we hate, we cry, we laugh, and more importantly we remember.

From our early years, our peers teach us a couple of very valuable lessons. Firstly, that we can’t do it all ourselves. Secondly, there are people that are going to take advantage of us, which if I can be honest with you, can have more than just a financial impact on our lives.

I remember very early on at school, a few items out of my pencil case from school had gone missing. I saw one of the other students using them and I asked for them back. Most might assume that I would get an apology and have them handed straight back? Oh no,.. this lovely individual told me they were his. After a few minutes of conversation, (just imagine 2 tween’s arguing over a pencil case) he concluded that they were indeed mine, and he didn’t think I would miss them. It was that very simple interaction that told me people would and can lie straight to your face, if it will benefit their own circumstances.

Now this is not meant to be a rant, but to open your mind to the possibility of,…what if?

My lovely Swedish wife (I had to put that in there to give this context as they are super different to us Australians), has always told me I’m too trusting and low and behold my trust in people has come back to bite me in the ass more than a few times. However, I love to think the best of everyone. It makes my day so much easier when I can step out of the door and think everyone is awesome, but hey,…. Not everyone thinks like me.

So, for my short 15+ years in the Yachting industry, the stories, oh the stories of people losing their ass in a sale, purchase or during ownership are very very real. In no way shape or form am I saying that all of this is a result of predatory individuals, but, there are going to be instances where this is the case.

When I got into Yachting, I did it for the travel, the money and more importantly the fun and experiences that would come with traveling the world. Anyone looking to buy a yacht or boat is going to be doing it for very similar reasons, however if you remove the financial implications of ownership, the main reason is going to be FUN! Why would anyone logically buy something that does not appreciate in value, yet will continue to cost you till it’s sold. We have debated this on so many occasions, but we have all come back to the same conclusion, “Would you buy a yacht if you could, even if you know the costs associated?”,…. My response, “YES YES YES!”.

There is nothing in this world that even compares to getting out on the water, the places, the people, the opportunity to go and see some very very cool stuff. Whales feeding beside the boat whilst you're at anchor. Watching Bear swim across waterways to get to another island. Waves (sorry,…correction here is going to be swells) so big that when you are in the trough and looking out the window you are looking at the top of it. Some might not think of that as very cool, but hey,… if you can pull that off and still be sitting here today,… that really does make for some wicked stories around the dinner table.

What ever it is that motivates you to get out on the water,…keep that passion alive, because it’s amazing. In the same breath, please don’t trust the first person you meet that wants to help you into a yacht. Do your due diligence, speak to a few people and just remember, at the end of the day, yachting is not a financial investment, but a means to have a very very very fun time out on the water.

If you’d like to know some more,… comment below and I’ll be happy to answer some of your questions.

Blue Skies!

Lord Luke

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