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Rain Falls On the Second Day of the Oyster Regatta Palma

1october2012palmaregatta1 O ctober, 2012, Palma: The Oyster Regatta Palma kicks off its second day with less than favorable conditions. However, not even a combination of rain and changing winds could stop this year´s competition. The beautiful landscapes of Puerto Andraitx got to witness the drive and push the Oyster fleet made evident when facing the ever-changing weather conditions.

Departing from Real Club Nautico to arrive at the Bay of Palma where the day would begin, The Oyster Group´s CEO David Tydeman set the start for the second day.

While the conditions were not at all favorable, after the race started things settled as the breeze freshened and maintained the winds. From there on the race changed its tune and with better sailing conditions the teams delivered to the challenge.

Jesús Gasca’s Oyster 46 Sine Die, made a rather impressive entrance by leading the fleet in Class Two. However, Gasca’s team encountered a much unexpected problem as the spinnaker made it impossible for them to win the race. Crewman Mikel Vazquez commented about the issue: The spinnaker just exploded, we think it is repairable so we should be fine for tomorrow but it was a shame, hopefully everything will be ready for us in the morning and at least we managed to get a fairly good result, we will try to win the next race, it is all we can do.” While the Sine Die was not able to win the race, the team is confident they will catch up with the rest of the competitors once the boat is fixed. Gerd and Annemarie Köhlmoos’ German Oyster 54, Sarabande and Igor Lazurenko’s Russian Oyster 54 Light Lana ended up racing each other in a thrilling battle whose victorywas taken by the Sarabande.

The Class One winner was Alberto Vignatelli’s Italian Oyster 72, AlbertoOne3 whose crew led the entire race. Vignatelli’s team was closely followed by Mark and Sarah Driver’s British Oyster 66, Goodwinds which finished less than a minute after the AlbertoOne3. This is Goodwinds’ first regatta so the team is giving much to talk about.

As the regatta season is coming to an end, competition gets tougher by the day. The leading teams may be able to keep it up, but the rest of the competitors expect the ‘goodwinds’ to blow on their favor.