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Architect Wins Rolex Farr 40 World Championship

27spetember2012rolexfarrracingnews27 September, 2012, Sidney: Helmut Jahn thought sailing would be a good hobby for a very busy architect like himself, but he ventured in unknown territory when he started competing a couple of years ago. The one thing Jahn never imaged was he would one day become the world champion by doing something he loves.

The Chicago architect says he could not be any happier with the results of the 2012 Rolex Farr 40 World Championship because he does not only takes home the victory, but he has also become the champion while sailing in his home club. According to Jahn this was not an easy competition, while some may say his team had the advantage of being familiar with the location, Jahn has commented about this not being the case:

“You saw that we had different conditions every day.  This is actually the great thing about sailing, its unpredictable and it’s not something you can actually prepare yourself for.  Sailing at home we had somehow had a sense we were on a mission. Like so many teams, they do better at home, I think it was the belief … the concentration, the preparation that we did in the last three weeks which got us in.”

There were three races scheduled for the final day of the series, Jahn’s team aboard the Flash Gordon 6 begun the day with a considerable lead of 10 points. A Westernly breeze of 13 knots did not help the Chicago team and they finished sixth on that race leaving the victory to Asterisk Uno (TUR). The winds remained for the second race as the rest of the competitors were unsuccessful in taking the first place from the hands of Enfant Terrible (ITA).

Unfortunately for the rest of the teams, Flash Gordon 6 had assured its victory by the second race of the final day with the seventh place. “We were able to stay close to them in the first race.  They took a little bit of risk and ended dropping back and getting a couple extra points so that made things a little bit more comfortable for us.  But the race committee kept talking about doing two more races so we didn’t feel quite out of the woods yet.  When the wind was so weird out there it just whittled away at the time and they could only get one more race in.  It came down to us needing a top-12 finish.  It was just a surreal feeling.  It’s an amazing event to win,” said Helmut Jahn’s tactician.

The 2012 Rolex Farr 40 World Championship has left its mark in the wind city. What is next for architect’s team? When asked about this, Jahn’s response testified to his happiness: “Retire?  I want to celebrate now.”