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Clipper Round the World: Fleet battle for final podium in World’s Longest Ocean Race

20July2012_Clipper_Round_the_WorldPhoto by Clipper Round the World.

20-July-2012. The end of the Clipper Round the World Race is quickly approaching with just three more days left to go. The ten yacht fleet set out yesterday and is tightly packed in a close battle for all of the points they can get their hands on. The final podium position is still up for grabs and these teams will stop at nothing in order to earn it!


Several major changes have occurred on the leader board since the last update my friends; Welcome to Yorkshire, a team that has been struggling is now in first place! Close behind the Yorkshire team giving chase are De Lage Landen in second and Edinburgh Inspiring Capital, who will as we all now will put up a strong fight to the finish.


What is most surprising so far in Race 15 is that the overall point’s winners Gold Coast Australia have gotten off to a terrible start, originally leaving Del Helder in 10th place but now they are up to 7th place.

The Winds are still causing minor problems for the 10 yacht fleet, causing their progress to slow down a little. However, all of the yachts will fight through it and most of them welcome the winds as a challenge of sorts.  Olly Osborne the Skipper of Visit Finland had this to say about the weather conditions of the race “It looks like this race is going to become a very tactical light airs challenge, and with such variable conditions and tidal gates ahead, we still have a chance to enter our home waters at the front of the pack.”

The Fleet is expected to arrive this Sunday in Southampton, where after 51 exhausting, back breaking but rewarding weeks the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race will come to an end. A much earned celebration will take place shortly after the teams arrive. All 10 of these Yacht Teams have shown the world that a anyone can overcome a challenge if they put their minds to it.