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Krys Ocean Race: Crucial times for Spindrift racing

Spindrift racing keeps sailing hard 880 miles from the finish line. Once again, Yann Guichard and his 5 men crew are displaying amazing statistics, averaging all night 30 knots and increasing their lead by 10 miles over their mighty opponents, Groupe Edmond de Rothschild (Sébastien Josse) and Foncia (Michel Desjoyeaux). As Léo Lucet puts it ; "we‘re heading exactly where we want to be !"
Spindrift racing will have to gybe sometime today for the first time since leaving New York. A most crucial move that will determine how fast the big MOD70 will engage in the final run towards Brest. Pascal Bidégorry and Yann Guichard both in charge of the strategy onboard have been thinking about if for quite a while. With their closest opponents right on their track, they have at least their destiny in their own hands. The wind is expected to turn west at midday and the big maneuvers of the Krys Ocean Race shall begin.

Interview :

Léo Lucet is the managing director of Spindrift racing and a full time crew member. This is what he has to say about the boat’s first transatlantic race : "We’re very pleased with what we’ve done so far. We have handled the boat well and we’re getting to know her better day after day. This is our very first offshore race and things are really going smoothly. We havent broken anything and our confidence in the boat is growing by the hour.
Everything is totally wet on board. I’ve just had my first chance at changing clothes since leaving New York.
We are very pleased with our tactics ! Yann and Pascal (Bidégorry) are doing a great job, with lots of communication. We are heading exactly where we’ve planned to. The rough conditions do not affect our strategy. We really are where we wanted to be. We are keeping an eye on our two closest opponents who havent for sure given up yet. Today will see some utmost important moves. We’re cool. We’re keeping a clear mind to make on time the right decision. Outside, everything is still grey. The sky is slow. Temperatures have dropped. We are physically fit, even though eating properly has been an issue at the beginning. With calmer seas, things are back to normal in that respect…"