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Krys Ocean Race: Foil damage slows Musandam-Oman Sail


Musandam-Oman Sail have reported that they have suffered a failure of their port foil. As a consequence they have had to remove the foil and have lost speed against their rivals.

According to the team the damage occurred just before midnight UTC Sunday.

“We were going between 30 and 32 knots in about 25 knots of breeze when we noticed the boat had slowed down and the bow was digging in deeper than usual,” explained skipper Sidney Gavignet.

The team confirmed they have no insight into why the equipment failed but it was removed and put down below. Further investigations will take place when the boat reaches land.

“We didn’t feel anything and couldn’t see any reason why it did happen. It is not good news - we are now sailing at 70% of our potential – the other boats are going at 30 knots but we are at around 25 which is disappointing but there is nothing we can do until we get the boat to Brest and have a look. Until then, we will just keep going.”

The crew are all safe, Gavignet added though naturally they were all disappointed after making a good start to the race where they were leading in the first 24 hours.