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Yacht & Tender Reviews

Yacht & Tender Reviews

26 August, 2012

Choosing the correct yacht tender can be problematical. You want a boat roomy enough for at least two people but at the same time you need a vessel that will fit comfortably on the deck of a cruising boat.  In a practical sense you will want to keep your tender to between eight and ten feet long for mid-sized sailboats and less than twenty feet long for larger boats. This week we will examine the pros and cons of two very nice yacht tenders; the Trinka 8 and the Walker Bay 8.



Trinka 8

This tender comes in both the eight and ten foot versions and is marked by its high freeboard and plumb bow which make it a great performer under oar, power and even sail. Designed by Bruce Bingham of Johannsen Boat Works in Vero Beach Florida, USA, the Trinka received high praise from reviewers Beth A. Leonard and Evans Starzinger of Cruising World Magazine who described it as “a joy to row, bulletproof in construction and pretty to boot.”  The Trinka line has a great number of options, allowing users to quickly and easily customize it but, because of the high quality construction and top materials this is one of the most expensive tenders on the market today.



Walker Bay 8

The Walker Bay 8 is an extremely tough tender and will serve for many years. While it does not have the high quality woods of the Trinka this vessel is sold at bargain prices and is virtually indestructible.  The Walker Bay comes in two models, the eight foot and the ten (9´6”) foot versions. Both models are constructed of high impact plastic using an injection molding process and the lapstrake design to add stiffness to the hull. This tender is perfect for small to medium sized vessels, especially “liveaboards”, because it requires very little maintenance and is one of the least expensive tenders on the market today.