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August Merchant Review

August Merchant Review


26 August, 2012: Anyone who has travelled understands the difficulty when you encounter medical problems in a foreign country. Expatriates’ understand these problems and know how to locate insurance companies that deal exclusively with these types of issues. There are a number of great companies that sell medical insurance for not only travelers and expats but also Captains and crews, evacuation during emergencies and business travelers. When you are traveling internationally there are also types of insurance that should be investigated along with general health insurance, such as kidnap and ransom insurance.

There are a number of international carriers that are able to fully insure regular travelers, such as Seven Corners, HTH, Azimuth Risk Solutions, HCCMIS, IMG, Medjet and Claria and others. While you are free to deal directly with one of these companies, choosing to use a broker instead will give you the advantage of having someone on your side. The cost of using a broker as opposed to dealing directly with the insurer is the same as the broker receives commission directly from them based on the policy sold.

One of the best ways to find a good product or service is to go online and check the reviews of the company or provider. After doing a great deal of research on international medical insurance broker Blue Ocean Yachting has determined that one of the best is Arno Chrispeels of Health Insurance Is International simply because of the personal service given by Arno himself. Arno receives a consistent Five Stars from and the reviews speak for themselves. Arno truly believes that health insurance is truly international and works closely with both international insurance companies but travelers from all over the world. Health Insurance Services International has been reviewed in our Marine Directory and recieves 5 Stars.

 Since most Western nations have nationalized health insurance that does not cover non-residents and the Third World non-industrialized countries have health systems that are fragmented and sometimes chaotic, having coverage that will protect you anywhere can be vital. People get sick and have accidents regardless of where they happen to be and travelers need to have at least one friendly, helpful and competent voice on their side can mean the difference between life and death.