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Piracy report from 6 to 18 of july

Attack Number:270-11

Date:Wed Jul 06 2011

Type of Vessel :Crude Tanker

Location detail:Around 20nm SW of Aden

Type of Attack :Boarded

Narrations:06.07.2011: 0023 UTC: Posn: 12:29N – 044:44E: around 20nm SW of Aden, Gulf of Aden.
Seven pirates boarded a tanker which had stopped. It was later reported that the pirates had left the vessel due to a possible fire on board the vessel. Due to the fire the crew abandoned the vessel and were rescued by a nearby coalition naval vessel.

  • · Attack Number:271-11
  • Date:Sat Jul 09 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Bulk Carrier
  • Location detail:Conakry
  • Type of Attack :Attempted
  • Narrations:

09.07.2011: 2140 UTC: Posn: 09:06.0N – 014:06.3W, Conakry, Guinea.
Pirates in a motor boat approached a drifting bulk carrier. Duty officer noticed the approaching boat and raised alarm and crew mustered. Pirates fired machine guns and RPG at the vessel and moved away. Vessel proceeded further out to sea.

  • · Attack Number:272-11
  • Date:Fri Jul 08 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Container Location detail: Manila South port anchorage
  • Type of Attack :Boarded
  • Narrations:08.07.2011: 2015 UTC: Posn: 14:32N – 120:55E: Manila south anchorage, Philippines.
    Duty watchman onboard an anchored container vessel noticed three robbers boarding the vessel from a boat near the forecastle. He informed the duty officer who raised the alarm and reported to port authorities. Seeing crew alertness the robbers escaped with stolen ship stores.

  • · Attack Number:273-11
  • Date:Wed Jul 13 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Chemical Tanker
  • Location detail:Bab el Mandeb
  • Type of Attack :Attempted
  • Narrations:13.07.2011: 0717 UTC: Posn: 12:44N – 043:18E, Bab el Mandeb straits, Red Sea.
    Pirates armed with guns in two skiffs chased and approached a chemical tanker underway. Master mustered crew and ship’s security team was deployed to the bridge wings. On sighting the security team, the pirates aborted the attack and moved away.

  • · Attack Number:274-11
  • Date:Wed Jul 13 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Container
  • Location detail:Nearby Hai Phong Pilot Station
  • Type of Attack :Boarded
  • Narrations:13.07.2011:03.05 LT: Posn:20:39.2N-106:53.6E, Hai Phong Pilot Station, Vietnam.
    Five robbers armed with knives boarded a container ship at anchor during heavy rain. Robbers jumped overboard when sighted by ship's crew. Ship's stores stolen.

  • · Attack Number:275-11
  • Date:Sat Jul 16 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Bulk Carrier
  • Location detail:Gulf of Aden
  • Type of Attack :Attempted
  • Narrations:16.07.2011: 0340 UTC: Posn: 13:36.3N - 050:17.3E, Gulf of Aden.
    Six pirates in a skiff chased a bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm, crew proceeded to citadel and security guards on board fired a hand flare. The pirates continued to chase the ship and closed to a distance of 300 metres from the ship. The security guards fired a warning shot upon sighting guns, RPG and ladder's on the skiff. The pirates aborted the attempted attack and moved away. Incident reported to the warship.

  • · Attack Number:276-11
  • Date:Fri Jul 15 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Product Tanker
  • Location detail:Suez anchorage
  • Type of Attack :Boarded
  • Narrations:15.07.2011: Posn: 29:49.25N - 032:31.25E, Suez Anchorage, Egypt.
    Unnoticed robbers boarded an anchored product tanker, stole the forward life raft and escaped. The theft was noticed at 0805 LT. Port control informed.

  • · Attack Number:277-11
  • Date:Mon Jul 18 2011
  • Type of Vessel :LPG Tanker
  • Location detail:Around 38nm WSW of Al Hudaydah, Yemen.
  • Type of Attack :Attempted
  • Narrations:18:07:2011: 0710 UTC: Posn: 14:36.1N - 042:19.1E, Around 38nm WSW of Al Hudaydah, Yemen, Red Sea.
    Nine skiffs followed a LPG Tanker underway and then surrounded it. One skiff with six men suddenly turned towards the tanker. Master took evasive manoeuvres and when the skiff closed to 50-60 metres fuel cans and weapons were sighted. The security team onboard the tanker fired a flare towards the skiff, which was ignored by the skiff. The security team then fired two warning shots which resulted in the skiffs moving away.

  • · Attack Number:279-11
  • Date:Fri Jul 15 2011
  • Type of Vessel :Container
  • Location detail:Cartagena Pilot Station
  • Type of Attack :Attempted
  • Narrations:15.07.2011: 2230 LT: Posn: 10:18.9N - 075:35.3W, Cartagena Pilot Station, Colombia.
    Three pirates in a small boat attempted to board a container vessel underway via the rigged pilot ladder. Alert duty O/S noticed the pirates and notified the bridge via VHF. Master increased speed and crew pulled manually the pilot ladder up. The pirates chased the vessel for a few minutes and later aborted the attack.

 Courtesy: IMB Live piracy report