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Piracy Reports Feb 2010


Below is a list of the current attacks/attempts.  All information provided to us is courtesy of the International Maritime Bureau.


Incident Details:


15.02.2010: 2345 UTC: Posn: 18:34.93N – 072:22.30W, Port Au Prince, Haiti.


Robbers attempted to board an anchored landing craft. The alert master and duty crew managed to prevent the robbers from boarding the vessel. The crew and vessel safe.


14.02.2010: 0835 LT: Vishakhapatnam roads, India.


One boat with three robbers approached an anchored tanker from the port side. When the boat did not cross the bows the master raised the alarm. As the crew went forward to investigate they found two robbers onboard and a third attempting to board. The robbers fled as soon as they saw the ship’s crew. Port control informed.


14.02.2010: 0215 UTC: Posn: 17:37.7N – 083:21.6E, Vishakhapatnam anchorage, India.


Three robbers using ropes and a hook boarded an anchored LPG tanker from astern. When sighted the OOW raised general alarm and duty security patrol rushed to the poop deck. Robbers escaped with stolen ship’s stores. Master informed port control and the Indian navy contacted via VHF radio.


13.02.2010: 2230 UTC: Posn: 09:11.38N – 014:32.03 W, off Conakry, Guinea.


Pirates armed with rifles boarded a chemical tanker underway. Master raised alarm; crew locked all access doors, mustered on bridge and hide in a safe place. Pirates tried to gain entry into the locked accommodation door but were unable to do. Due to the alarm continuously ringing, they aborted the attack and fled away. Crew and vessel safe.


06.02.2010: 0200 LT: Posn: 03:12.10N – 104:01.45E, North of Tioman island, Malaysia.


A tug towing an empty barge with 12 crewmembers, enroute from Singapore to Cambodia has been hijacked. Authorities informed.


03.02.2010: 0815 UTC: Posn: 13:04N – 047:04E, Gulf of Aden.


Armed pirates attacked and hijacked a general cargo ship along with its crew. Further details awaited


05.02.2010: 1935 LT: Posn: Callao anchorage no.1.


Robbers armed with guns boarded a bulk carrier at anchor via the hawse pipe. The robbers escape when general alarm raised. Ships store stolen. Incident reported to the port authorities.