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A Yacht Charters Guide to St. Tropez

7 December 2011 - St. Tropez is the perfect yachting destination during the holidays. This was once considered an inaccessible and an ancient fishing village. Now, it is known for being a renowned destination for the rich, famous and fabulous. This place is now attracting all the yacht and cruise enthusiasts from around the globe.

The area can accommodate up to a thousand and fifty vessels, making the marina the best place to be during your vacation. During the summertime, the marina is flooded with expensive yachts and allows all guests to step right off their decks and into the alluring town. A number of guests own or rent a property in St. Tropez, so you can regularly see numerous numbers of executive, chauffer driven rides and even high performance sports cars parked on the port side waiting for their owners return.

St. Tropez’s nightlife offers everyone the best time of their lives, with retail houses that are open late, allowing visitors to purchase outfits late into the evening. Famous nightclubs such as the Les Caves du Roy located in the classy Hotel Byblos gives you the chance to party with Hollywood’s superstars. Another is an Asian inspired bar named Bodega de Papagayo together with Kelly’s Irish Bar caters to the younger visitors.

This haven is the perfect combination of Sea, Sand and Sun. Stunning golden beaches such as: Baile des Canoubiers, Les Salins and the Pampelonne Beach are great destinations to anchor off and spend a relaxing and fun day away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

St. Tropez on the other hand is more than just glamour. The town is composed of different museums, art exhibitions, beautiful parks and amazing architectural marvels. The people of St Tropez are kind, accommodating and value the vacationers from around the world.

There is really no place like St. Tropez, it is exquisitely brilliant and has so much to offer that you won’t feel bored even for just a minute. Make sure you add St Tropez as your next yachting destination.