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Balearic Island Yachting Guide

23 November 2011 - The Balearic Islands are considered an ultimate retreat in the Mediterranean. It is made up of 3 major islands and numerous islets that will surely take your breath away. These islands are home to a large number of pearly white beach resorts, vast aquamarine blue waters and genial species.

Each island and islets found in the Balearics, has a unique beauty and personality of its own, with different landscapes and cultural attractions to take away your boredom and have a great vacation with your family or with friends. You will get to see how beautiful both sunrise and sunset really is in this place of tranquillity and serenity.
The Balearic Islands are considered and popularly known as the “Ultimate Spanish Island Destination.”
These islands are the crown jewels of the Mediterranean and are divided into the Gimnesias that includes: Mallorca and Menorca, Formentera and the Pitiusan Islands of Ibiza. This amazing destination offers various and exclusive refuge from the ordinariness of your daily life.
Mallorca and Menorca – this is considered as the senior island which is perfect for those who love mountain trekking for its mountain scenery side by side with the ever-present beaches and seaside towns. If even Mallorca is well developed, there are more hidden beautiful places for you to have your own escape from its busy and bustling town. On the other hand, Menorca is a tranquil shelter from Mallorca’s busy tourism. The gentle and mild secret exquisiteness of Menorca will astonish and captivate you.
Formentera and Pitiusan Islands of Ibiza – Ibiza is a popular place for club scenes and events. Almost everyone in the world knows how exciting Ibiza clubs are. For those who love to party like superstars, this is the right place for you and your friends. Spend your night time with extremely cool clubs and your day with half of the islands’ lush pine forest and calm landscapes that will surely make you want to go back and spend more time at this wonderful place.
Formentera is known to be Ibiza’s sister. Tourism is highly popular in this place for its white sand beaches and heart warming sunsets.

So this is now the right time to consider Balearic Islands for your next yachting destination.