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The Island of Mauritius

mauritius94Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean. The Island is part of the Mascarene Archipelagos which consists of four big islands combined together. Mauritius got its independence since 1968 leaving the reign of the British and currently it is among the most well controlled African countries, thank to its value for public services, good conducts and economic growth.

As a yachting destination, Mauritius is perfect with its sublime bays, turquoise waters, marine life, safe and clear unrestricted places and unspoiled mainland. Port Louis the capital of the island is the best area to begin at. Port Louis got a number of good restaurants, shops and historical sites. It was named following Louis XV at the time the Island was ruled by the French during the year 1735. The city of Port Louis has a lot of colonial buildings and among them the Citadelle dated back to 1835 is the most admired, on its top you can have a stunning panorama of the entourage.

Caudan-waterfrontAt Port Louis, the Caudan Waterfront a colonial styled fat building with all sorts of innovative shops is another distraction. Next to it there is the impressive 4 star Labourdonnais hotel, a luxurious yet calm lobby containing excellent restaurants. If you want to know the Mauritian culture and the local shopping, then you should pay a visit to the Bazaar of Part Louis. All prices of vegetables, fruits and other products are prescribed on wooden cards but are all negotiable. Walking to the near China town might enjoy you to taste authentic China dishes. The currency is the Mauritian Rupee (RS). Credit cards and travelers cheques are accepted in many places.

If you enjoy surfing then you might want to be at Tamarin Bay. Considered the best water to catch great waves, “santosha” as called by some, Tamarin became popular when back in the 1960’s some Australian Surfers started the sport there. Le Morne Point is another beach in the south where many folks do wind surfing. Winds are continuous every time there. Most of the best beaches around the Island are private as well as part of Hotels or complex villas. So if you choose one of these hotels or villas to spend some days there, you won't regret your time at all.

Moreover, if hiking interest you, the gorge of Black River will be an excellent trip. Even though you might find it tough, it is worth to go. The moment you will attain its peak at Plaine Chamgagne you will be able to admire the gorgeous gorge. Many of the endangered birds and animals are preserved, and visitors are welcomed to appreciate the fragile balance of the forests ecosystem with the help of The National Park.

With your sailing yacht, motor yacht or catamaran, an ideal trip is to visit Ile au Gabriel which is just off the northern point of the Island or Ile au Aigrette which is in the south of the island. They are beautifully unspoiled with lots of rare species. You will be amazed at their beauties, and the sceneries are really proportioned to picture perfect postcards.

Creole is the language that is commonly used by the local people. It is a mixture of English, French and Dutch, but you might also hear some people talking in Urdu, Chinese and Indian as well. Mauritian still put great emphasis on culture, politeness and family values even though their standard of living has increased considerably during the last two decades.

With temperatures ranging from 77-91°F (25-33°C) from December to April which is summer period and 64-75°F (18-24°C) during the winter period, Mauritius usually has a tropical climate. Humidity is reduced and the east coast is caused to be slightly cooler and wetter than the west with the help of the southeast trade winds. The months of May to early December are the recommended time gap to visit Mauritius, as  peak cyclone months falling in January and February though the cyclones hardly hit the island itself, they are best avoided by those wanting to be out on the water.