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The Raw Beauty of Galapagos Islands

2october2012destinationsgalapagos2 October, 2012, Chile: Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos in 1835. Little did the young man know that what he would find in the islands would change the way we look at the history of the species that inhabit this planet. One of the things Darwin pointed out about Galapagos is the variety and beauty of the location; he said “it seems to be a little world within itself.” And indeed it can be, the incredibly beautiful landscapes and the wildlife make the Galapagos Islands one of the most exotic places to visit.

Located 500 miles west of the Ecuadorian coast, Darwin’s enchanted islands continue amaze their visitors because of the many attractions they have to offer. The unique species that live there have served as inspiration for scientist all over the world and are now one of the main reasons over 160,000 tourists and cruisers travel to the the remote islands every year. And while there are areas protected to preserve the islands’ wild life, Galapagos is one of the best locations for people who enjoy exploring natural landscapes.

A combination of exotic birds, reptiles, mammals and breath-taking marine life provides great entertainment for animal admirers. But there are also activities available for the more adventurous people, such as: snorkeling, hiking, fishing, kayaking or scuba diving. These islands are not for people looking for nightclubs and five star resorts. But if you are looking for a comfortable destination surrounded by one of the most beautiful eco-systems on the planet, the very world that inspired one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history, the Galapagos are a prime choice.

The weather is another deciding factor that sets Galapagos aside from other destinations as the islands are located right on the Equator, this means the weather remains warm all year long.

Galapagos offers diversity, beauty, knowledge and lots of fun to its visitors. Since the Islands are only accessible by sea, there are plenty of chartering options available; most of which include a naturalist to guide you through the wonders of the life there. It is the color and the life what makes this destination unique amongst the rest.