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Super-storm “Sandy” Devastates New Jersey Coast

1nov2012yachtingnews1 November, 2012, New Jersey: The Atlantic Coast of New Jersey has always been a popular vacation spot for visitors from Cape May, at the southern tip of the state, to Hoboken, across the river from Manhattan. When the State legalized gambling in Atlantic City the popularity of the region grew exponentially. During the next three decades both the federal and New Jersey state government invested billions of tax dollars renovating the entire coast, rebuilding and even redesigning beaches, in an effort to attract visitors from across the nation and around the world. During the summer season the area is one of the most popular destinations for super-yachts on the US East Coast, exceeded only by the Florida coast.

The area was hit by a moderately powerful hurricane in 1992 and did quite well. But much like the reaction of the people of New Orleans prior to Katrina, the residents and local governments completely underestimated Hurricane Sandy and are now paying the price. The Hans Pederson & Sons Marina, just across the river from Staten Island, New York, is an excellent example of the devastation caused by the storm. According to Hans Pederson at least 80 boats have been completely destroyed and many millions of dollars of damage to the facilities will have to be repaired, possibly before the marina can be reopened. On local resident, Jane Zuback, woke up this morning to find boats littering her back yard. Ms. Zuback and her husband, Ronald, had actually watched on boat rapidly approaching their home. Fortunately for the stranded family the boat encountered an obstacle and the home itself was saved.

The aftermath promises to make life very hard for residents from Washington, D.C. to upper New York state and as deep into the country as Cleveland Ohio. The devastation also promises to greatly affect not only the yacht building industry but the cruising industry as well. In Atlantic City for instance large chunks of the world famous Boardwalk were destroyed and many of the Casino hotels, such as the Golden Nugget, which features one of the top marinas in the country, have been damaged and reopening dates are questionable.