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Einstein’s Relativity to Visit Fort Lauderdale

21october2012feadshiprelativityyachtingnews21 October, 2012, Ft Lauderdale: The Monaco Yacht Show which was held in September was the host to quite a few surprises; one of the biggest surprises of the event was the release of this year’s Feadship future concept.

Unlike previous designs, this concept was prepared with a slightly different approach because while it was custom-built to address the future needs of the industry, the 2012 Feadship future concept was also built with a celebrity in mind. Albert Einstein would had surely enjoyed the Monaco show, having a yacht built specifically around your needs may not be the same as getting a Nobel Prize, but that does not make it less flattering.

The concept’s name is Relativity, and it was named that way in honor to the contributions Einstein made to physics. And while the German-born physicist is no longer among the living, Feadship made sure to create a yacht that would, at the very least, please a sailing enthusiast such as Einstein.

The next stop for Relativity is Fort Lauderdale, FL. The entire Relativity package, including the actor playing the great genius, will attend to the Fort Lauderdale boat show that will be held from Oct. 25th to Oct 29th.  The new design is number 7 in the list of future concept innovations released by Feadship; the previous concepts include X-Stream, F-Stream, C-Stream, Aeon, Breathe and Qi which have since been partially introduced to Feadship’s building platform.

Feadship’s new concept is not the only thing about the Relativity package that has been greatly praised "The American actor Patrick McManus makes for an amazingly realistic Einstein lookalike but we never expected him to play the part quite so comprehensively,” commented Feadship’s head of marketing Francis Vermeer.  Admiring the ship is unbelievable as it is, but seeing Einstein next to it is priceless. “We are excited to see how visitors to the Fort Lauderdale show will react to this phenomenal Future Concept, which also reflects the fun that owners tell us is at the heart of the Feadship experience.”