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NEWCRUISE Breathes New Life into the Word “Luxfordable”

19oct2012yachtingnews19 October, 2012. It is undeniable that the word ‘cruise’ carries a certain stigma related to the usual clientele that is associated with them.  The fact is that a large majority of people who decide to go on a cruise trip are senior citizens, but why is this? It’s simple, elders usually have higher incomes due to the time invested in their careers and the experience they have gather over the years. By the time people retire, many of them have a decent amount of savings and lots of time spare time to spend.

Money can often be a deciding factor when it comes to deciding where to vacation at; you certainly want to relax, and for that you need a certain level of comfort. However, vacationing should never leave your pocket hurting and therefore your destination should be affordable to an extent.

NEWCRUISE is one of the most internationally known brands when it comes to luxury yacht designs. As innovators, they wish to introduce a solution to the need for luxury and affordable to meet. That is why they have come up with Balaena, a new 138m (443 ft) luxury motor yacht which promises to take cruising to the next level.

According to reports, Roland Krueger and Katharina Raczek are the two designers behind the idea of merging a cruise and a yacht to be applied in the making of Balaena. If the yacht’s name makes any justice to it, Balaena (Greenland whale) should be something to look forward to. Two hundred people would be able enjoy their vacations with the up most comfort while traveling onboard the giant whale. The vessel would also play host for two VIP suites with their own personal outdoor decks, as well as 89 superior suites that would get access to their own balcony.

Aside from offering a superior interior design and all the first class services any superyacht guest would experience, passengers will also have access to a library, a wellness and spa area, and a very well-stocked bar for those who want to enjoy the always popular cocktail or indulge with a glass of champagne.  Passengers will also be able to enjoy the diverse menus of a café and two restaurants that will be available onboard.