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An Infinity of Innovation with The New Infinitas Yacht Design

1october2012infinityyachtingnews1 October, 2012, Miami: Some compare it to the famous Star Trek Romulan Warbird, while others are still trying to figure out what it is. Everyone agrees on one thing though: Schopfer’s new design is something from out of this planet.

Schopfer’s new futuristic design called Infinitas is causing great sensation around the ‘blogsphere,’ images of the design have landed in every corner of the main social networks for users to admire and speculate about. Fortunately for Schopfer, the reactions to this innovative design have been very welcoming; most comments about the images speak of the superiority of its style and its luxurious comfort.

One of the things that make the 300 foot yacht so impressive is the basic shape that outlines the vessel. As its name indicates, the Infinitas’ inspiration derives from the infinity symbol and this becomes evident to the eye when the yacht is seen from the side. The infinity lines make their presence be known as they create the open spaces inside the vessel; giant windows that allow the ocean to essentially become the decoration and transform the experience for guests aboard. All this combined with an unbelievably aerodynamic looking outer shape gives off a surrealistic feeling to the observer.

If the spaceship-like design did not convince you the massive pool deck will. This indoor pool is also designed to impress, a bridge which divides the pool with an underwater opening allows the swimmers to plummet from one side to another.

The Infinitas can house 12 crew members and has a helipad on the bow deck. A minimalistic interior design complimented with strong colors and a well thought illumination distribution adds even more style to the interior spaces. An elevator connects all three deck levels to give most accommodation to the guests.

The Starship Enterprise's crew may not be taking Infinitas on intergalactic missions any time soon, but the one-of-a-kind design promises to surf the oceans with the up most style.