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Barcelona´s Super yacht Oasis Project Finds Opposition

28sept2012updateyachtngnews28 September, 2012, Spain: The proposed project to improve Barcelona´s infrastructure in order to become more welcoming for superyachts and therefore improve the economy has not been well digested by all of Barcelona´s residents.  While the Barcelona Clúster Nàutic project offers to add plenty of value to the region, some groups insist the investment is too large and it would not benefit the city.

After Barcelona´s major, Xavier Trias, announced his support for the project some socialists groups made their concerns public. Apparently the biggest opposition comes from the perceived damage new infrastructure and large vessels could cause to the beauty of the city, the groups that oppose the project claim the location is not ideal for the citizens and have requested for investors to relocate to Bocana Nord or Fòrum. Other ecologist groups have called for the complete termination of the project referring to it as “elitist privatization.”

Major Trias has taken a stand in favor of the project by saying expectations are to only benefit the city, and he will proceed to formalize the agreement after hearing any allegations minorities may have.  However, the socialista Assumpta Escarp party spokesman has stated that the project would not only turn the zone into a non-inclusive area but the tall crew buildings and large vessels would “create a visual barrier between the city and the water” thereby decreasing the value of the region.

Other opponents’ statements have been stronger though, Ricard Gomà, the leader of the ICV-EUiA party suggested the numbers in respect to economical gain and employment growth have been manipulated.

The Barcelona Clúster Nàutic is scheduled to begin construction work in the early months of 2013. While there has been an exchange of words between its supporters and opponents, Barcelona’s authorities have not commented on whether their agenda has changed and the plans previously established remain.