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Police Investigate Mysterious Death at Sunshine Coast Yacht Club

26sept2012yachtclubmurder26, September, 2012, Australia: Investigations are taking place at the Sunshine Coast Yacht Club, located in Mooloolaba, Australia. A 34-year-olf man from Brisbane died after having an altercation with some of the staff members at early hours.

According to witness reports the man appeared to be intoxicated and was asking for a refund as he was not being allowed to board a commercial fishing boat due to his condition. He was arguing with one of the female staff members as he became aggressive and allegedly attacked her and another male staff member.

A third staff member rushed in to help and managed to restrain the man on the ground only to then notice the man had stopped breathing. While the yacht club staff members tried to resuscitate the man, he unfortunately died at the scene.

There is speculation around the circumstances behind the tragedy, some reports say it is believed the man might had died of a heart attack, however authorities have not released an official statement in regards of this and all efforts are being made to get to the truth behind the incident. Senior Sergeant Ray Hoelscher said the police department has been very meticulous when handling this case, police cars were used as barriers to protect the scene as a pathologist would examine the body.

Matt Dillon, the general manager at the Yacht Club at Mooloolaba says: "we've been told it was a result of an altercation from a commercial fishing operation." He then commented about the lack of information regarding the incident: "we're still as much in the dark as everyone else really as to how it all started and what happened." The deceased man’s identity has not been released to the public, full details are expected as the investigation comes to a conclusion.