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Piracy Defendants Blame Navy, FBI for US Citizens Deaths

23august2012prates23 August, 2012, Washington: The piracy raid resulted in the death of four Americans aboard a yacht in east Africa back in 2004. The Adams’s, owners of the 58-foot, were cruising the continent when 19 men took over the vessel a far off the south coast of Oman. The armed men intended to kidnap them and take them to Somalia, to then attempt to request a large amount of money to release the American men.

The pirates´ plan quickly found a big impediment as the U.S. Navy patrolling the area begun to follow their boat. According to reports some negotiations were taking place to release the Americans in exchange for their boat; the Quest. The Somali men refused to take the deal claiming they needed more money. The Navy´s USS Sterett was maneuvering around the Somali commanded vessel when the situation escalated, and a rocket-propelled grenade was fired at the Navy ship.  Shortly after, returning fire was heard from the USS Sterett. More shots came from the Somali boat and these resulted in the death of four of the hijackers and four American citizens.

            Somali Pirates Arrested

The men accused with the murder of the Americans are facing some serious charges. A  few of them have already been sentence to life in prison, and others however, could even face the death penalty. In response to this, the lawyers for the three Somali men facing the murder charges claim the situation escalated because of the Navy´s approach "While the defense does not contend that the actions of the Navy/FBI are legal defenses to any of the charges, it is without dispute that none of the Americans had been harmed until the Navy/FBI acted in an extremely aggressive fashion," the layers wrote in their report. They claim the captain of the Quest had advised the US Navy not to come close because he was afraid the hijackers would try to harm them otherwise. Another motion has been filed by the defense with the intention of changing the venue for the trial. The defense claims the wide media coverage might have an influence in the jury. They also mentioned the film “Captain Phillips” with Tom hanks as it was shot in Somalia and it deals with the piracy issues that the area deals with.