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High-speed Network Coverage in French Polynesia Becomes a Fact

15_August_2012polynesiainternetlifestyles5 August, 2012, Palma de Mallorca: The most remote places in the planets are no contender to the age of information, and as technology makes its way through the planet a lot more services become available where needed.

OmniAccess is famous for their drive to be the leader in marine network solutions as they are one of the few companies that provide Marine VSAT and Yacht Internet Services. In its quest to make the yachting experience as complete as it can be OmniAccess has taken the next step in a world wide expansion including French Polynesia their covered destinations. This expansion will enable yachts and commercial vessels cruising the region to enjoy high speed internet as a commodity in the remote location.

OmniAccess' Managing Director of Yacht Services, Carlos Carbajal, commented about the new addition: “Our new network on the unique beam of the Intelsat 18 satellite offers unparalleled coverage with unprecedented power and ideal elevation. It provides a significant improvement to the internet connectivity enjoyed by those in French Polynesia and will revolutionise the internet experience of those cruising in the region.”

The company's dedication to the yachting industry has made French Polynesia a destination to look forward to. A new satellite is being implemented in order to easy the experience and maximize the service connectivity, speeds of up to 20Mbps can be acquired while cruising through the religion via the OmniAccess BroadBEAM ULTRA service. This also translated into a much better service for the region overall because the service is not limited to vessels but is offered to residents, as well.

While Superyachts are OmniAccess' specialty, another feature is being implemented to ensure maximum coverage. Smaller antennas designed for sailing and motor yachts with limited deck space have been introduced to fit everyone's necessities.