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Sinking Super-yacht Rescued By TV Celebrity

10august2012SimonCowelrecueSimon Cowell is not only known for his rough tongue, taste in music and abilities as a reality TV judge, but he is also a good Samaritan. The former America Idol judge and X Factor boss made headlines this week for his heroic intervention when he heard a May Day call coming from a super-yacht off the coast of St Tropez and arrived to their rescue. The details about the incident have not been released, but his ex-girlfriend pop star Sinitta who was with him at the time reported the event through the social network platform Twitter.

 After hearing the vessel ask for help, the music guru rushed his yacht to the scene where he dispatched a smaller boat to rescue to passengers on board. Nine people were safely removed from the sinking yacht and then an attempt was made to save the vessel. Sinitta's Twitter followers got to hear about the whole thing as it was happening, she wrote on her account: “Just had a mayday message, 35 ft boat sinking. Simon has sent us to help and rescue 9 people on board!” Shortly after Sinitta updated her followers:

 “Everyone OK, no-one hurt.”

 “Captain won’t let boat sink, petrol in sea etc.”

“No tide, so hole plugged!”

 According to reports no one was injured and Simon's crew was able to spare the sinking yacht. A source reported: A source reported: “He only did what any good person would do. If his yacht was in trouble he would want someone to come to his rescue. It was just lucky they happened to be close by.” Fortunately this incident did not escalate any further and will simply remain as another story. And while the celebrity was only doing what any good person would do, the social network community was quick to praise him for his heroic efforts.