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Unsafe Ships Cited in the United Kingdom

4 August, 2012

4august2012english_channel_smSome of the busiest waters in the world can be found around the United Kingdom and the UK and Northern European coasts are simply littered with great yachting destinations. But according to a disturbing new report from the MCA there are more ships at sea that pose hazards than at any time before. The Agency said that there were currently at least nine (9) vessels being detained and that this was about the average.

 The problem is that the unsafe vessels were smaller day sailors or even cruising boats. But none of these ships can be classified as anything but huge. When boarded by safety inspectors these vessels were found to have infractions ranging from felonious possession of forged ship´s papers to malfunctioning AIS and even holed hulls. In July four vessels were detained, all more than 1,000 tons. The vessels detained in July were:

  • Coastal Isle, a 3, 125 ton freighter with an Antigua/Barbuda registry, was holed after grounding and detained as unsafe in Greenock
  • The Tracer, a 6,714 ton Dutch ship was detained due to a laundry list of SOLAS deficiencies in Tyne, UK.
  • The 1,523 ton coaster, Roger was also flying Antigua/Barbuda flags when it was detained with bad AIS.
  • The 3,120 ton Panamanian cargo vessel Terry Siete was  impounded in Portland due to corroded and holed bulkheads

 These are just a few of the violations happening in this area during the last few years. The good news is that officials seem to be on top of the situation but the bad news is that the companies that own these ships are not being required to perform regular maintenance on these huge vessels. Unsafe ships moving in crowded sea lanes make the seas safe for all of us. Individuals are required to maintain certain standards on their vehicles and so should companies on their ships.