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Best Yacht Racing Events Summer 2012

Sea_Grapes_BVI12 August 2012 - I love racing my yachts.  Sure, sailing along all serene and enjoying the day with my family is nice, but I told myself one day I would buy a racing yacht and I did last year.  I guess a large part of me loves my family, but a big part of me loves to compete as well.  Of course, having a racing yacht and not entering any races would be silly, so I went online to find this summers top racing destinations.

Photo: Lord Luke

The first event I found for my new racing yacht was the 'Round the Island Race' off the Isle of Wight in England.  This race takes place on June 30 this summer and costs right around five hundred euros to enter.  Training day is on June 29th and you will want to make sure you can make it.  The waters around England are notoriously choppy and tricky to navigate.   One of the most exciting things about this race is the fact that literally thousands of yachts participate. It wouldn't do to crash my new racing yacht into another competitor because of stormy sea!  There won't be room to see the sky for all the sails in the way!  Also, the officials are allowing the use of foul weather gear and additional lighting, due to the stormy and foggy nature of the sea in the area.

Another race I am keeping my eye on racing my yacht in happens March of  2013, during the busy season in the Caribbean.  The Caribbean BVI Regatta is a big deal and helps kick off the summer sailing season in the area.  Training day and registration is on March 25, with the actual regatta happening the 28th-30th.  If you get there for registration, you can make the historic sail along the coast to the Bitter End Yacht Club and meet and rub elbows with other enthusisast who are racing yachts.  The regatta starts at Nanny Cay and runs over the weekend.  The blue seas, warm water and great food and people make this the event to go to next year.  I will be racing my yacht there, so maybe I'll see you there too!

I would encourage anyone who is serious about their racing yacht to do some research and find an event to attend.  The two mentioned here are great, but there are dozens of good ones to choose from if you do a little research online.  Even better, find a veteran racer in your club and ask where he is going this year!