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The Landing School to award a fully funded scholarship for Bermudian students

02-July-2012. The Landing School is pleased to announce the development of a full scholarship specifically for students who hale from Bermuda. This scholarship is being awarded to students from Bermuda who have the credentials to attend The Landing School and the career goals that match one of four Landing School full-time programs: Marine Systems, Yacht Design, Composite Boat Building or Wooden Boat Building (Cruising or Small Boats).
The scholarship provides tuition for one full year as well as all living expenses. This is the first year the scholarship has been offered and The Landing School is looking forward to helping future Bermudian students obtain an education that isn't available in their native country.

Robert DeColfmacker, President of The Landing School says, "We are very proud to be able to offer students from Bermuda this scholarship. It's an amazing opportunity to share our knowledge with a student who has the drive and desire to attend The Landing School but lacks the funding."

Currently, there are two students from Bermuda attending The Landing School. This scholarship has allowed one of these students to stay at the school for a second year so that he can obtain an Associate's degree in Marine Industry Technology. "We couldn't be happier that we can offer this award to this student and help him reach his educational and career goals," said Barry Acker, Director of Advancement.