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Yachting has always been one of those industries that calms you and makes you want to tear your hair out in the same breath.  From the joy of being able to cruise to remote destinations or sit at anchor and look out at the horizon, to an emergency or some other inconceivable constraint that just could not be fore seen. I still feel very young in my time in yachting but with out a shadow of a doubt, having the experiences I’ve had in my years on the water, have undoubtedly made me the person I am today.  This may not always happen, but I have found my best experiences were those when I was surrounded by positive people with good leadership.  Everything starts at the top & those are the environments I like to foster on-board.

It’s hard to not to hear the complaints from all directions when it comes to being on a yacht, with that, the environment can and will change for the worst.  Good communication and even better crew selection are paramount.  Crew without a shadow of a doubt are far more entitled these days, but there is also a large number available each and every year.   Crew turn over is inevitable but mitigating this turn over and creating a good environment is not only great for moral but also healthier on the budget.

Yacht crews are a different breed of people, and if placed into a good environment, they will be the best asset any team could ask for.  In the same breath, it’s making yacht crew aware that their demeanor / change of heart will also be a sticking point.  If they loose the drive to be there, that small amount of negativity can be contagious.  Knowing when to cut those ties is a tricky topic, but nearly every single time, a change of scenery ( so to speak ), proves to be advantageous for all parties involved.

No one can ever know everything, but as a collective, we can definitely make sure things can only get better before they get worse.


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Ali Forder Harris
June 7, 2017 at 2:31 am

You recently posted a job advert for a stew and engineer, nothing extraordinary, however, what caught my attention was the narrative you used. My husband and I were in yachting many years ago, before yachting became known as a desirable career path. My eldest son, Sam, is currently paying his dues as a Greenie in Antibes holding on for the one ‘yes’!

My point is every other advert is abrupt, lacks leadership and doesn’t instill confidence. Your narrative added an excitement to the opportunity that lay ahead.

You sound like an amazing captain, who leads, has vision for this chosen life and career path and instill confidence in those around you!

Happy sailing captain!

June 13, 2017 at 10:28 am

Hi Ali, Thanks for the kind comments. I wish Sam all the best and let me know how he goes.


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